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Related services we offer:  

-Scheduling an appointment date for obtaining visa from the respective embassy through internet

-Verifying the translation of documents by the respective embassies

-Completion of visa application form

-Verifying the documents by Ministry of Science, Ministry of Education, Medical Council, International Affairs Division of Banks, Central Organization of the Islamic Azad University, School of Foreign Nationals, Census and Civil Status Registration Organization, etc.

-Dispatching a certified translator to the courts and before public authorities

-Dispatching an interpreter to companies, factories, travel agencies, and passengers

-Certifying the copy of original documents

-Providing translated documents stamped by NAATI accredited translators

-Editing texts translated by the translation team of other translation offices

-Making university, corporate, and commercial communications on online or in person

- Tutoring different languages such as English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Chinese, etc.