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Certified Translation Services

Since most official translations of Iran must be approved by the Judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for being accepted by the foreign embassies consulates, our office can obtain the necessary approvals from the respective ministries at the earliest opportunity.

For official translation of documents, submission of the original documents to the translation office is required. You can deliver your original documents by mail or in person to our office against an official receipt and receive the original document in line with the translated text at the appointed date of delivery.

It is to be noted that all documents issued abroad in a language other than Farsi must be authenticated by the Iranian consulate in the country where the documents have been issued. After authentication of the original documents by the Iranian consulate in the respective country and forwarding the same to our office, the documents will be translated under the seal and signature of a certified translator to the Judiciary and all legal procedure of approval of the translated documents by the Judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be performed.

Normally, the time required for official translation along with the required approval of the Judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is three to five working days. You can contact us if you need emergency translation services, even official translation and approval of the original documents in one day.