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About Us

Just so you know who you’re dealing with …

In 1988, our founder, Javide Taraneh, run a successful translation service underpinned by this adopted philosophy: “Do our best in rendering services”.

Our translation company is capable of providing  top quality translation form any language into any other language

Why you can trust our translation services?

Fail-safe Process

Our founder learned early on that employing intelligent, highly motivated, native translators and having them work within structured processes paid huge dividends in quality control, accuracy, and timeliness, yielding continued client satisfaction and retention. Our translation workflow methodology takes advantage of crucial human dynamics such as an aversion to failure and the drive to succeed… Knowing that a certified translator is waiting to proofread their work for a 2nd level review, we find that the initial translators are particularly attentive to detail and due diligence.

Absolute Translation Accuracy

Great people operate under tightly structured guidelines that demand excruciating attention to the minutest details. Under these stringent guidelines, every document is analyzed, translated and proofread. By the time a document reaches the approval stage with our brightest translators, the new translated version is, in essence, a perfect match of the original in intent and all salient aspects. No other company can match our precision, expertise, and our dedication to absolute customer satisfaction.

On-time Delivery

Our unique workflow methodology leverages geographic placement, the Internet and the professionalism of great minds to deliver high quality translation projects in the shortest amount of time. In addition to our in-house experts, a large number of our certified and professional translators are strategically deployed throughout Iran. This methodology ensures an “around-the-clock” translation course of action.